St George's Church of England Academy

Curriculum statement


The curriculum at St. George's aims to celebrate the diversity of our students and create the next generation of innovators, icons, engineers, doctors, musicians, scientists, leaders and business owners as they grow up together in Newtown. Through our curriculum planning and delivery we aim to offer an inspiring, enriching and immersive educational journey which opens hearts and minds so that we all have the wisdom, knowledge and skills to embrace every opportunity in life beyond our school gates.

Big ideas


Understanding what it means to be human and how human behaviour has shaped the world.


Understanding the many dynamic and physical processes that shape the world.


Understanding the creative process and how everyday and exceptional creativity can shape the world.


Understanding the importance of investigation and how this has led to significant change in the world.


Understanding the properties of all matter, living and non-living.


Understanding the complexities of the plant and animal species that inhabit the world.

Place and space

Understanding the visual, cultural, social, and environmental aspects of places around the world.


Understanding how and why things are the same or different.


Understanding why significant people, places, events and inventions matter and how they have shaped the world.


Understanding why and how things have changed over time.

Mission statement

At St. George’s, Newtown, we aim to celebrate life in all its fullness. Embracing every opportunity to improve and reflect on our actions. We recognise that we are all made in the image of God; having high aspirations for ourselves and for each other, as we grow up together into confident, independent and thoughtful individuals within a caring and diverse community. We reach out to God through prayer, reflection and collective worship, to each other in friendship and forgiveness and to our community in service and partnership. Our mission statement, ' Growing up together in Newtown' aims to nurture, inspire and educate our students, parents,staff and governors.

Growing up together in Newtown - an acrostic poem

Taking every opportunity

Opening hearts and minds

Growing in confidence and independence

Enriching and inspiring

Thoughtful and forgiving

High aspirations for ourselves

Engaging in our community

Reaching out to God and to each other

General principles

Our curriculum will give children the opportunity to:

• develop and demonstrate their creativity
• learn within a coherent and progressive framework
• experience the challenge and enjoyment of learning


The curriculum at St. George's develops our students imagination and critical thinking skills. Via challenging and meaningful activities, we aim to create a safe space where mistakes are celebrated because that is where new learning begins. By providing opportunities for students to explore the breadth and depth of the curriculum, we enable our students to learn, remember and apply new knowledge in a variety of contexts throughout the curriculum.


Our curriculum will give children the opportunity to:

• Spiritual - Explore beliefs, experience and faiths, feelings and values; enjoy learning about oneself, others and the surrounding world; use imagination and creativity and reflect on experiences


Jeremiah 29:11 "'For I Know The Plans I Have For You' Declares the Lord, 'Plans to Prosper You and Not to Harm You, Plans to Give You Hope and a Future.'"

As a Christian school, the fundamental values of our curriculum are rooted in providing the students with every opportunity to live their lives in all its fullness. The global origins of our families alongside the journey taken to arrive in Newtown, provide living examples of faith and courage. It is therefore our Christian duty to ensure the spiritual,emotional and academic success of all of our students.
We expect all of our students to respect,listen to and appreciate the opinions of others. We aim to celebrate the cultural, social and moral diversity of our community and the wider world.


Our curriculum will give children the opportunity to:

• develop self-esteem and confidence in their abilities
• reflect and think mindfully about their learning
• learn in a peaceful and supportive environment


We encourage our students to self and peer assess and to also think mindfully about their learning and that of their peers. This approach is used as a tool to inspire and fundamentally enable all of our students to aspire towards their personal goals.

Pupil voice

Our curriculum will give children the opportunity to:

• express their opinions on a range of different topics and issues
• make choices about things that are important to them
• make a positive contribution to the school and local community


We provide a platform for our students to voice their opinions, celebrate diversity and say what they like and dislike about their learning via our; Student council, Prefect roles and responsibilities, Pupil voice interviews and the active role that the Ethos team play in collective worship. By voting for their House captains, we aim to give students their first experience OF democracy and develop their understanding of what it is like to live in a democratic society.


Our curriculum will be taught through a pedagogy that:

• offers all children a memorable experience at the start of every topic


St.George's Newtown is situated in the heart of the city of Birmingham.Our location allows us to take full advantage of the varying forms of transportation that can take our students to a variety of locations across the city. By providing the students with a memorable experience at the beginning of each topic we naturally heighten the students curiosity, creativity and communication skills into the project theme.


We will enrich our curriculum by:

• developing partnerships with external providers that extend children’s opportunities for learning
• welcoming parents and carers to take part in children’s learning and experiences


'It takes a village to raise a child'. This ancient African proverb embodies the ethos that we aim to embed with our parents, external providers and local businesses . In order for our students to become active, responsible citizens, we will actively explore, promote and facilitate high levels of engagement with the entire community (parents, governors, teachers, external providers and local businesses ) to ensure that our students grow up in a safe and healthy environment.


Pupil Group Educational visits (off-site) Educational visitors (on-site) Residential visits
Year 1 3 days 1 days
Year 2 3 days 1 days
Year 3 3 days 1 days
Year 4 3 days 1 days 1 days
Year 5 3 days 1 days
Year 6 3 days 1 days 1 days
Totals 3 weeks, 3 days
(18 days)
1 weeks, 1 days
(6 days)
2 days